Lee Tae Im Confesses Having Thought About Retirement After Controversy With Yewon

Actress Lee Tae Im is back with a new photo shoot with Woman Sense.

For this pictorial, Lee Tae Im traveled to the streets of Hong Kong in mid-August. This is her first photo shoot after her conflict with singer Yewon.

lee tae im woman sense2

In the photos, Lee Tae Im strays away from her usual sexy image and flaunts a more mature and elegant charm. Woman Sense stated, “Lee Tae Im did the photo shoot very passionately in the mind of a rookie actress. The fancy and vintage atmosphere of Hong Kong matched well with her.”

lee tae im woman sense 3

During the interview portion of the photo shoot, Lee Tae Im confessed, “After that controversy, I realized that there are more cons to this acting career than pros. For a while, I even thought about retiring.”

She continued, “Although I felt relieved that my situation was understood after the video was leaked, I felt embarrassed of the whole thing. I became mad at myself for not being able to control my emotions, and I felt sorry towards [Yewon], too.”

lee tae im woman sense

Meanwhile, Lee Tae Im will be making a small screen comeback with the drama “You’ll Love Me.”

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