Hyorin X Zico X Palo Alto Hip Hop Collaboration “Dark Panda” Teaser Revealed

SISTARs Hyorin, Block B‘s Zico and hip hop artist Palo Alto finally began unveiling their new hip hop collaboration song “Dark Panda.”

In the teaser video, all three artists give their own unique twist to their hip hop look. They look even more charismatic than they did in their revealed jacket photo, surprising the fans once again.

Anticipation rises as these artists are quite known for their talents alone. Fans are eager to see what they have brought to the table.

Watch the teaser below.

Prior to the release of the teaser, the managing company stated, “SISTAR’s Hyorin, Zico X Palo Alto’s project is heading towards its end. Though they specialize in different genres, you will be able to witness the uniqueness and aura of the best artists in Korea.”

Their full collaboration song will be released on August 26.

Are you excited to hear this song?

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