Youtuber Spotlight: Jun Sung Ahn on KCONs and Beyond

Perhaps one of the best parts of KCON, aside from the concerts, is the sheer number of talented people who attend the event. From Youtube personalities to performers to movers and shakers in the world of Korean cuisine — it seems like every year everyone in Korean entertainment makes the effort to appear at KCON.

We invited a couple of Youtubers to join us at the Soompi Booth and host a Meet & Greet — because we know that their fans always enjoy more time with their favorite stars. One of these stars is Jun Sung Ahn (also known as JuNCurryAhn)! You have probably seen one of his amazing violin covers of your favorite K-pop songs – since they tend to go viral as soon as he releases them.

While Jun was at the Soompi booth, and after he had met the hundreds of fans who queued up to see him, we asked some pressing questions in an exclusive interview. Here’s what went down:

Hi Jun! Can you introduce yourself to our audience?

Hi Soompiers, my name is Jun Sung Ahn. I’m a violinist on Youtube. I play a lot of violin covers of popular songs and especially K-pop which is why I’m here at KCON today.

What is your favorite part of KCON?

I think the fans. I don’t know, it’s really crazy to go to a huge convention like this — something that’s as big as Anime Expo and you just see everyone that’s a k-pop fan and I’m a k-pop fan myself. And just seeing so many people that share your same interest is like, it’s really inspiring so I think that’s my favorite part.


How is this year’s KCON different from previous years?

Well I mean, this year it’s indoors for the first time so we’re not all under the striking heat of the sun, so it’s actually really nice. Nobody’s really mad or upset because they’re all hot and sweaty so I think that’s definitely an upgrade.

Who are you most excited to see?

I am most excited to see Red Velvet, hands down. They’re performing tonight and I’m actually performing tonight as well so I’ll be backstage with them. I’m getting goosebumps right now but it’s gonna be really great.

What surprised you the most about this year’s KCON?

I think the level of — this kind of goes back to the last question, what’s different this year — I think the organization has been about the same but the thing is, KCON has grown so much. Everyone knows about KCON now, it’s like the event to go to every year which is why I feel like so many people showed up this year and the turnout seems extremely amazing and everyone is here, all excited. Everyone’s at the convention so I think the energy is just much bigger this year.

And you had your first solo concert this year, can you tell us a little about it?

So my first ever solo concert was Texas, in Houston. And it was really fun, I mean it was the first time I had my own concert. I’ve always performed at schools or with other Youtubers. It was really new, it was really fun. But at the same time, I look forward to doing a lot more of these kind of solo concerts because I think, hopefully, I’ll get a much better turnout.

You also performed at KCON Japan this year, how was that different from performing in the US?

KCON Japan was a totally different experience, especially because I don’t have many fans in Japan, first of all, so not a lot of people knew me. But at the same time, because I was playing K-pop, and they’re all K-pop fans, I think the music kind of connected us all together so the response was really great. I actually had a lot of fun!


In your opinion, what has been the best music video release of this past year?

K-pop music video? Best K-pop music video release this year… this is a hard one… Oh yeah – SISTAR for sure. Yeah, I think SISTAR’s “Shake It” was the best music video this year – so far at least. So many girl groups came back this summer, which was amazing for me and all the other fanboys out there. I think SISTAR’s, hands down, was by far the best.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you have in store for the future, after KCON?

So I recently moved to LA and I plan to pursue a Youtube career, a full-time Youtube career. So you guys can expect me to do a lot more covers, a lot more collaborations — like with Soompi for example — and just a lot more content from me on Youtube, Facebook, all my social media. so just keep a look out for all my content coming up!

Last words to Soompiers?

Thank you guys so much for reading! I had so much fun at KCON and thanks so much to Soompi for bringing me out for the Meet & Greet. I hope to see you guys next year — KCON 2016!

A special thank you to Jun for stopping by the Soompi booth and to all of his fans that came to take some photos! Don’t forget to check out his Youtube channel for more information!

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