IU Fanboy and Park Myung Soo’s Producer Yoo Jae Hwan to Debut as a Singer

Park Myung Soo‘s music producer and collaborator Yoo Jae Hwan, who rose to relative fame through his frequent appearance on “Infinity Challenge” 2015 Music Festival, will be debuting as a soloist.

Park Myung Soo’s agency announced on August 24, “Yoo Jae Hwan will be releasing a new song later this year. The song is complete, and as soon as we figure out the female vocalist, we will proceed with recording.”

Park Myung Soo is reported to have also participated in Yoo Jae Hwan’s upcoming single.

Yoo Jae Hwan previously partcipated in Park Myung Soo’s single “Myung Soo’s Tteokbokki” under the alias UL. An associate from their agency commented that they have yet to decide whether the musician will continue to use “UL” or his real name.

Yoo Jae Hwan received a lot of adoration from viewers when he showed impressive positivity and revealed himself as an IU fanboy during the “Infinity Challenge” Music Festival.

Watch IU sing “Knee” for Yoo Jae Hwan on an episode of “Infinity Challenge” below!

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