Singer Kim Tae Won Reveals the Shocking State of His Teeth on “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator”

On the recent episode of “Please Take Care of My Refrigerator,” singer Kim Tae Won revealed how bad his teeth condition is.

During the show, the singer says, “My neighborhood ahjummas make side dishes for me,” and adds that he cannot eat most of the food that is in his fridge.

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He continues, “My teeth are so weak that I can’t eat meat, kimchi, or pickles. Since my molars fell out, I only chew with my front teeth.”

Kim Tae Won confesses that he loves meat but is sad that he can’t have any, and says, “The last time I ate meat is about five to six years ago. I tried getting implants but [the dentist] told me the implants cannot stay rooted.”

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He ends with, “I’m not saying this to make you feel sad. This is just my life.”

After he’s done talking, all of the chefs and MCs are left speechless, and Jung Hyung Don jokes, “I feel like I just watched a sad documentary.”

please take care of my refrigerator

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