Lee Hi to Make Comeback Album Under Tablo and HIGHGRND’s Production

Get ready Lee Hi fans because she will be making a comeback soon!

According to an affiliate of YG Entertainment, singer Lee Hi will be making her comeback, not through YG Entertainment, but through Tablo‘s label HIGHGRND.

The affiliate stated, “Since CEO Yang Hyun Suk is so busy nowadays, he worried that he won’t be able to manage Lee Hi’s comeback to the best of his abilities. That’s why he trusted Tablo’s producing skills and left her to him. Tablo accepted his favor without hesitation and is currently under preparation to perfect Lee Hi’s comeback.”

Yang Hyun Suk has had his hands full with BIGBANG‘s comeback, PSY‘s comeback, iKON‘s comeback, and more, and had no choice but to receive help from Tablo.

Although Tablo will be in charge of producing Lee Hi’s new album, the affiliate added, “However, this does not mean Lee Hi is not under YG exclusively or that she is a HIGHGRND artist,” and assured that she is still housed under YG Entertainment.

Who else is excited for Lee Hi’s comeback?

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