“Yong Pal” Reveals New Stills of Kim Tae Hee in Forest

On August 25, new still photos of Kim Tae Hee in SBS’s “Yong Pal” were released.

The photos show the actress portraying her character, Yeo Jin, in a forest surrounded by dense fog.

Note: Spoilers below!

The most recent episode of the popular drama featured a life or death situation involving Yeo Jin. Various individuals including her older brother Han Do Joon (played by Jo Hyun Jae), Lee Chae Young (played by Chae Jung Ahn), and President Go (played by Jang Kwang) were fighting over her. The episode ended with Chief Lee (played by Jung Woong In) performing surgery on her and declaring her dead. The cliffhanger resulted in continued high ratings for the drama.

However, these latest photos feature Yeo Jin appearing very much alive. Viewers are very curious as to what the stills from this scene could mean.

An affiliate from the drama revealed, “The photos show Yeo Jin free from the hell-like hospital room and reflect her freedom. This is the beginning.”

The comments are raising anticipation for a turn of events in the drama.

The next episode will air on August 26.

What do you think will happen in the drama?

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