BoA’s Chinese Fan Club Pays It Forward on Her 15th Anniversary

BoA‘s Chinese fan club BaiduBoABar paid it forward in honor of the 15th anniversary of her debut.

BaiduBoABar recently sought out an impoverished rural village in China’s Henan province and provided the children with much-needed school supplies.



“Ruyang County in Henan province is one of the ten most impoverished countries in China,” a representative of BaiduBoABar told Star News on August 25. “After hearing news of the village children’s schooling hardships, BaiduBoABar, in honor of the 15th anniversary of BoA’s debut, personally went to Ruyang County and distributed school supplies in order to give the children hope.”


The rep continued, “Like BoA’s warm music, we are happy because we felt like we were able to give the children at least even a little bit of a joyful time.”

The members of BaiduBoABar have been preparing and obtaining the supplies necessary for the children’s lessons since the beginning of this year, and last May, with the help of people from three local schools in Ruyang County, provided the children with school supplies, toys, snacks, and led classroom lessons.



The children expressed their gratitude by taking photos holding up signs that said, “Thanks to BoA. We love you BoA.”

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