Hyorin X Zico Z Paloalto Reflect on Their Dark Sides for “Dark Panda” MV

Hyorin, Zico, and Paloalto released their collaborative song “Dark Panda” on August 26 through various music sites.

Discussing the darkness and lightness within humans, the song is definitely more profound than light-hearted. Rather than appealing to the masses, the trio appears intent on staying true to their musical style and inspiration for the song. Also, their music video reflects the heavy and dreamy feel of the lyrics and melody. The unique atmosphere is almost somber and mournful.

Hyorin’s agency Starship Entertainment commented, “It’s an autobiographical song for everyone having had to become stronger after going through hardships and adversity. We hope you can feel the hopeful message that the three artists are delivering.”

Check out their music video below:

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