Kim Seul Gi Is Disappointed in the Lack of “Skinship” Scenes With Jo Jung Suk in “Oh My Ghost”

Actress Kim Seul Gi revealed in a recent interview that she felt a bit disappointed of the little amount of skinship scenes (scenes with any romantic contact) she had with her “Oh My Ghost” co-star Jo Jung Suk.

The actress had even told the public that her ideal type was Jo Jung Suk before the drama started, but she had almost no romantic scenes with him in “Oh My Ghost.” Because she played a ghost, she had to just watch Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk be lovey-dovey and kiss in front of her.

Kim Seul Gi confessed, “I felt sad watching Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk’s romantic scenes from the side. I thought, of course, I would have at least one kiss scene with Jo Jung Suk before the drama ends. When Park Bo Young and I separate before a kiss [in one of the scenes], I thought I would be kissing him before we do so, but [the director] started filming just as we separated. That disappointed me a lot.”

She continued, “Actually, what disappointed me even more than the lack of skinship scenes was not being able to act with the talented and charming Jo Jung Suk. I wanted to act with him a lot and I was sad that I couldn’t. Whenever I did meet him, though, I was happy. I even said that Jo Jung Suk was my ideal type before. I was already happy to have met him in this drama, but I was even happier when I got a chance to act with him. Jo Jung Suk is even more of a better actor than I thought. I’m sad that I didn’t get to meet him that often. Jo Jung Suk and I promised each other to meet again in another [drama].”

Were you disappointed in the lack of Kim Seul Gi and Jo Jung Suk scenes, too?

Meanwhile, Kim Seul Gi will be greeting her fans again in the upcoming movie “Take Off 2,” which is set to start filming in October.

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