Park Yoochun Reveals His True Feelings and Expectations in Last Interview Before Military Enlistment

With just a few hours left till his military enlistment tomorrow on August 27, JYJ‘s Park Yoochun sat down and did an interview where he talked about his feelings, friends, and future plans for the last time.

Q: Aren’t you afraid or worried about going to the military?

Park Yoochun: Actually, I am worried. It’ll be much different than the environment I’ve been used to for the past 10 years. Actor Go Soo told me that the process of becoming a “normal” person was quite unusual and hard for him when he went to the military. I’ve always said I wanted to live a normal life but never actually tried to.

Q: How are you spending the time you have left?

Park Yoochun: Nowadays I’m just staying home. A few days ago, a close friend of mine came to visit and we went out for drinks at 11 p.m. However, I came home at around 12:30 in the morning. No matter how hard I set my mind on having fun, I can’t seem to do it. All I can think about is going home and resting.

Q: How did you choose your enlistment date?

Park Yoochun: I originally wanted to go earlier but I had to work. I had to earn some money for my company and for myself, haha.

Q: You were categorized as a public service worker instead of a soldier, how do you feel?

Park Yoochun: I wanted to be enlisted as a soldier. A soldier’s serving time in four months shorter, too. I passed my physical but I was categorized as a public service worker because of my asthma. I didn’t know asthma was such a dangerous condition.

Q: Kim Jaejoong came out on vacation a few days ago. Did you meet him yet?

Park Yoochun: I drank so much with him. I think we drank till the sun came up. Jaejoong was so used to the military lifestyle, though, that he awoke early in the morning even if he fell asleep at 12 a.m. that night. Junsu joined us after he was done with his musical, but he had to leave early because he had another performance later. Since the three of us gathered together for the first time in a while, we even listened to Junsu singing.

Q: Don’t you think Junsu will feel lonely? Are you worried?

Park Yoochun: Not at all. He’ll be fine. He’s busy doing musicals and concerts. I’m actually jealous of Junsu. He can work more before he goes.

Q: Two years from now you will be in your 30s. What are your expectations?

Park Yoochun: I don’t know what projects I will be doing, but I better be more mature and ready. I need to work on my acting skills, too. If I start living a fulfilling life, I’m certain I will come across a good project. I plan to live quietly during my military years. Then I’ll have time to reflect on myself. Once I get to know myself better, I will be more comfortable standing in front of a camera two years later.

Fans will be waiting for your safe return, Park Yoochun!

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