Epik High Really Wants to Perform in Next “Infinity Challenge” Music Festival

In Tablo‘s recent radio show, “Dreaming Radio,” Tablo told his listeners that he is more than willing to appear on future music festivals hosted by “Infinity Challenge.”

During the show, one listener sends a message, saying, “I wish Epik High appears on ‘Infinity Challenge’ music festivals again.”

Epik High was a part of “Infinity Challenge” music festival back in 2009 and performed the songs “Barbecue” and “Electronic Gangster” with Jung Hyung Don, both of which received much love from fans.

After reading the message, Tablo says, “I should’ve performed ‘Electronic Gangster’ live back then. I don’t know why we changed from ‘Electronic Gangster’ to ‘Barbecue.’ Jung Hyung Don set the stage for us but we couldn’t do it justice. We weren’t qualified enough back then.”

He continues, “If Epik High gets invited to ‘Infinity Challenge’ music festival in 2017, I am confident that we will stage a hip hop performance like no one’s ever seen before. If 16 people all rap at the same time and perform, I bet we’ll break about four Guinness World Records before our stage ends. I will save money for two years. [Epik High’s] three members will set up a box and put money in it until 2017. If we get invited, we will invest all that money into our performance. We will guarantee an amazing stage if we get invited again.”

Lastly, Tablo adds, “When we performed last time [in 2009], the music festival stage was very small. It wasn’t a big stage like you see it now; it was just a platform in the middle of the streets. Passersby would come and go as we performed. There were no invitations and we didn’t use SNS accounts back then. A total of about 30 to 40 people were there. The atmosphere was a bit different, too. Looking at [the music festival] now, it has become enormous.”

Do you want Epik High to perform in the next ‘Infinity Challenge’ music festival, too?

Meanwhile, Tablo’s “Dreaming Radio” goes on air every night at 10 p. m. KST.

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