JYJ Holds Meeting with 10,000 Fans Before Park Yoochun Enlists on August 27

JYJ‘s Junsu and Yoochun hosted the group’s annual “Membership Week” this year, complete with a two-week photo exhibition and a special meeting on August 25 with ten thousand of their fans!

Member Jaejoong was unable to attend as he is currently serving in the military. As they opened the show, Junsu and Yoochun said, “It’s a shame that Jaejoong isn’t able to be together with us here for the fourth ‘Membership Week.'”

During the fan meeting, the guys reminisced about old times while looking at photos together with fans, played games, and acted out skits. Yoochun sang “A Space Left for You” from the “Miss Ripley” soundtrack, as well as his self-composed song “Walking With Her in the Spring.” Junsu sang “Butterfly” from his third solo album, as well as a song from his recent musical “Death Note.”


This was a particularly special event because Yoochun will be heading to the army on August 27 to fulfill his two years of mandatory military service. As soon as Yoochun’s last performance ended, the audience began to sing JYJ’s “Boy’s Letter.” When he heard the sound of them singing, Yoochun returned to the stage and it’s said that he was moved to tears.

At the end of the show, Yoochun said, “I say this a lot, but I’m so touched all the time by all the love that you give us. Thank you for always loving JYJ, and I hope that the day will come soon when the three of us are together again. I think I will remember this song for a really, really long time. I’ll be back.”


Junsu also commented, “I think that it’s your strength that brought JYJ here to this place. Even if I said ‘thank you’ several hundred times it wouldn’t be enough, but every time I feel this grateful I keep trying to express it.”

The official JYJ Facebook page also uploaded a shot of Junsu and Yoochun on August 26.


Take good care of yourself over the next two years, Yoochun! We’re going to miss you!

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