ZE:A’s Minwoo to Enlist in Army on September 15

ZE:A member Minwoo will soon be beginning his mandatory military service.

Minwoo’s agency Star Empire Entertainment made the official announcement on August 26 that Minwoo will be enlisting on September 15. Minwoo then posted a handwritten note for the group’s fans, who are called ZEA’S.

His letter is as follows:

“To all the ZE:A’S…

Hello, this is ZE:A’s Minwoo. It must be surprising for ZE:A’S, but the news has been announced. After I worried and thought about it a lot, I made the very difficult decision, and I will be enlisting on September 15.

Time really goes by fast, doesn’t it? I’ve received so much love as I’ve kept running for the past six years without any rest. When I look back, there were many worries and happy events, as well as joyful memories, and I shared them with ZE:A and all of you fans. But now the day has already come for me to join the army.

I’m going where all guys have to go. I’m sorry that I seem to be making a big deal out of going where everyone has to go. In the time I have left before I enlist, I will finish up activities with ZE:A, spend time with my family and my group members, and then enter the training camp.

As I did when I first debuted, I’ll keep the attitude that I will learn a lot and become more mature, so that I’ll be a bigger, cooler, and more mature man when I return. Thank you to all of you for always supporting and loving me despite everything I lack.

I hope that I will see you when I’m back on stage with great music again after I return from the army, which will feel like both a short and long time. I’m sorry that I can’t meet each and every one of you ZEA’S while smiling and saying ‘I’ll be back.’ Just like our memories of us together as ZE:A in the past, I want to continue to make even better memories and show an even better side of myself in the future.

I truly thank all of you who have believed in me and always supported me, and loved ZE:A. And lastly, because I haven’t been able to live up to the expectations of ZE:A’S, I always feel sorry and grateful. In the future, my spot will be empty for a little while, but please continue to support our ZE:A members. Thank you for turning me into such a happy person.

ZE:A’S, I’ll be back soon.”



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