Actor Go Kyung Pyo Apologizes for Rude Behavior Towards Fans on Instagram

Actor Go Kyung Pyo has apologized for several rude remarks he made while arguing with his fans on his Instagram.

On August 26, Go Kyung Pyo posted an image of Black Nut‘s latest single from “Show Me the Money 4” with a caption that read, “I like this. Black Nut.”

After the image was posted, few fans voiced their concern as Black Nut has been a subject of criticism for his provocative lyrics and allegations of being an Ilbe member in the past.

To these comments, the actor replied, “Yeah kids, I like this song. Let’s just listen to music as music.” As the criticisms continue to come in, he voiced his frustration with a message that read, informally (in banmal), “Just go quietly. Dyslexic people like you who read into things too much make me uncomfortable.”

Consequently, fans started to voice their disappointment in the actor’s reactions, and he eventually wrote an apology, saying “I’m sorry… I was foolish. I was wrong to use banmal, and I think I’ve hurt many people. I need to apologize. I’m sorry.”

All the associated Instagram posts have since been deleted.

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