Ha Jung Woo Named as Most In-Demand Actor on “One Night”

On August 26’s episode of SBS‘s entertainment news show “One Night of TV Entertainment,” a section of the show deals with the secrets behind casting in the world of Korean film and television.

CJ E&M‘s head of casting Yang Sung Min was invited as an expert to share his knowledge about the topic. When he’s asked which star is the hardest to secure casting for, he answers, “Ha Jung Woo.”

Ha Jung Woo has starred in hit films such as “The Chaser,” “The Yellow Sea,” and most recently “Assassination.”

“He’s already got contracts for four films settled, going into next year,” Yang Sung Min adds. “If you want to cast Ha Jung Woo, you have to do it a year in advance at the least.”

He’s then asked how much Ha Jung Woo is paid per film. Yang Sung Min replies that the number that’s been officially made available is more than 500 million won (approx. 420,000 US dollars).


What’s your favorite Ha Jung Woo film?

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