Click-B to Reunite for a Comeback

One of the first generation of idol groups, Click-B, is preparing for their comeback.

Entertainment agency DSP Media told MyDaily on August 27 that Click-B is “currently preparing for a comeback as a whole,” and that “as many companies are working on the comeback, we are paying a lot of attention on the planning.”

They also added, “We are aiming for a release late this year, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.”

Click-B reunited in 2013 as four of the members, Oh Jong Hyuk, Kim Tae Hyung, Woo Yeon Seuk, and Kim Sang Hyuk performed at a DSP Media concert together in December of 2013. The discussion around comeback as a whole group again began during this time.

Click-B debuted in 1999 as a seven-member group under DSP Media.

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