BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and Kiko have ended their relationship. According to a report by Dispatch, the two have gone their separate ways, although they’ve never publicly confirmed their dating status.

Fans had started speculating some time ago that the two had broken up when Kiko posted to her Instagram the famous quote from “Sex and the City,” “Single and fabulous, exclamation point.”

kiko mizuhara instagram post

On August 26, an acquaintance of the couple spoke to Dispatch and confirmed fans’ suspicions, saying, “They’ve officially ended their relationship, and have decided to remain as friends.”

The source added that the two are the type to invest everything into work, and with G-Dragon spending a majority of his time working on music, they grew apart. “Especially with [G-Dragon] juggling [album work] and BIGBANG’s world tour, he and Kiko had even less time to meet.”

Offering an explanation for why an official confirmation was never given, the source stated that they were reluctant to say anything due to their relationship being long distance.

“Even in the past, [G-Dragon and Kiko’s] relationship was on-and-off, but now it’s officially over,” said the acquaintance.

Update 08/27/15:

Regarding the recent report on G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara, a source at YG Entertainment spoke to MBN and said, “There was never an official statement on G-Dragon and Kiko. We have no comment on the breakup reports.”

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