Updated: Block B’s Park Kyung Replaces BTS’ Rap Monster on “Problematic Men”?

On August 27, it was revealed that Block B’s Park Kyung will be joining tvN’s “Problematic Men” to fill in BTS’ Rap Monster’s empty spot. The BTS member has recently been busy with a world tour and therefore unable to film for the variety show.

Apparently, Park Kyung has already started filming the show with the other fixed cast members which include Jeon Hyun Moo, Ha Suk Jin, Kim Ji Suk, Lee Jang Won, and Tyler Rasch.

An insider revealed, “Park Kyung has joined as a temporary member to replace Rap Monster, but could become a fixed cast member depending on his performance.” Fans are concerned that Rap Monster may not be able to return to the show if this occurs.

Meanwhile, prior episodes of the show featured Professor Kim Choong Won, writer Lee Chi Sung, and other guests filling in for Rap Monster.

Park Kyung’s first episode on the show will air on September 6.


The producers of the show have clarified that Park Kyung will be joining the show as a fixed cast member, but will not be replacing Rap Monster. Rap Monster is expected to return to the show after wrapping up BTS’ world tour.

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