Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi, and Yoo Ah In Engage in Rush of Projects Before Military Service

Park Yoochun has officially started his military service today. Get ready to prepare your tissues because this means that other male celebrities born in 1986 and 1987 will soon be joining him either this year or next year. Since mandatory conscription requires being away from the public for almost two whole years, many actors are eager to leave with a lasting good impression. Doing so will be helpful once they complete military service and make their comebacks.

There are multiple male celebrities set to start their military service soon. Let’s review some popular male actors who are currently participating in a rush of projects before their impending military service. Lee Min Ho, Lee Seung Gi, and Yoo Ah In amongst other actors fit this description.

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Lee Min Ho will start filming the joint Korean-Chinese movie “Bounty Hunters” next month. He will most likely be busy filming this project for the latter part of this year.

Although he had promised to meets fans through a movie and a drama this year, this promise might be difficult to keep. After “Gangnam Blues,” the actor chose another film as his follow-up project. His last drama remains “Heirs” which aired in 2013. For those of you would prefer to see the actor in a drama, don’t fret for it has been relayed that he hopes to pick a drama next. Here’s to hoping the actor will be able to film another drama before starting his military service.

Lee Seung Gi

While Lee Seung Gi debuted as a singer, the star has made a name for himself as an actor as well. After releasing a new album in June, the actor will be making a variety comeback through “The New Journey to the West” alongside his former “1 Night 2 Days” costars. On top of all of this, he will be embarking on his second film soon. After making his film debut through “Love Forecast” in 2014, he will be acting opposite of Shim Eun Kyung in “Compatibility” (working title).

His agency has commented, “Filming for ‘Compatibility’ is scheduled to start in September. He will be focusing on the film at the moment.” They further explained that the actor does not have another project lined up after the movie at the moment. Do you think he plans on going to the military after this movie?

Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In recently turned heads and received recognition for his acting skills in the movie “Veteran.” The film continues to enjoy a positive response at the box office as well. Having worked nonstop since 2014, fans will be able to continue seeing more of him. The actor is currently filming SBS’s “Six Flying Dragons.” While “Veteran” is still playing in Korean theatres, his next film “The Throne” (also known as “Sado”) will be released in September while “Six Flying Dragons” will broadcast in October.

His agency revealed, “[He] is simultaneously filming the drama and the movie ‘Happy Facebook.’ There are not a lot of scenes to film for the movie, so it should be finished soon. ‘Six Flying Dragons’ is scheduled for 50 episodes so you will be able to see him until March or April of next year.” The extremely busy actor might be trying to complete as many projects as possible before his military service.

Although fans are happy to see these beloved actors in their respective projects, their work is also indicative of their imminent military service. Which actor do you expect will join the military first? Who are you most sad to say goodbye to?

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