HyunA Reveals Sexy Behind-the Scenes Stills of Album Photo Shoot

4minute‘s HyunA, who is currently promoting her new solo track “Because I’m the Best” (“Roll Deep”), revealed her sexy behind-the-scenes stills of her comeback album jacket photo shoot.

hyunA 1

The photos reveal some of the moments that weren’t shown in her new “A+” album, which were filmed all the way in Los Angeles. These show that the photos seen in her new album is just a few of the many takes she did.

hyunA 2

For this album jacket shoot, HyunA wore about 10 outfits in total to portray different charms of herself.

hyunA 3

No matter how different each background looks, HyunA is able to bring out her sexiness in each take.

hyunA 4

You can check out more of her stunning photos in Melon’s site.

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