Hyosung Transforms Into an Edgy and Chic Fashionista in SURE Pictorial

Secret‘s Hyosung looks quite different than her usual self in SURE‘s recent pictorial.

hyosung SURE1

She transforms into a bold and unique fashionista, and her short, tousled hair matches well with the overall style.

hyosung SURE2

Hyosung sports sparkly tops, leather jackets, webbed stockings, and more, that give her an edgy and spunky look.

hyosung SURE3

She is known for her glamorous, sexy photo shoots, so this one definitely gives a twist to her usual charms.

hyosung SURE4

Even though she has her hands full with filming her new drama “Cheo Yong 2,” the on-site staff members said that Hyosung did a great job during the photo shoot and was like a professional model.

What do you think of Hyosung’s new look?

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