Dia Frampton Captivates Judges on “Superstar K7” With Impressive Background and Voice

Dia Frampton is currently the love of the judges on “Superstar K7.”

On the episode of “Superstar K7” that aired on August 27, Dia Frampton, who took second place on the U.S. version of “The Voice Season 1,” auditions.

“You got second place on ‘The Voice Season 1.’ Why did you come to Korea to take another audition,” Yoon Jong Shin asks.

“My parents know that I applied for ‘Superstar K7,” she starts off. “My mom is even more nervous and excited than I am right now. It means a lot to my mom that I am auditioning for this program. My mom was born in Seoul, and my dad is American. My family, however, lives in Korea, and it’s like my home. It’s special for me to be singing in Korea for my mom and my grandmother. I’ve always wanted to sing in Korea,” she says.

dia frampton 2

When she starts singing, her voice immediately captivates the judges.

“If someone were to ask me, ‘How would she do in Korea?’ I would give a very positive answer. Her voice has a lot of Asian traits,” Yoon Jong Shin says.

“I was surprised such a pretty voice came out,” Sung Shi Kyung says.

Zion. T adds on to the praise by saying, “I love you,” leading Frampton off to a good start with a pass from all of the judges.

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