Actress Kim Bin Woo to Tie the Knot in October

Actress Kim Bin Woo will be getting married in October!

Kim Bin Woo’s agency, Koen Stars, stated, “Kim Bin Woo will be tying the knot on October 11. [Kim Bin Woo and her boyfriend] were introduced to each other three years a go through a mutual friend. They steadily got to know each other and are now ready to become husband and wife.”

Kim Bin Woo’s husband-to-be is one year younger than her and is currently a business manager.

Their private wedding ceremony will be held in the Shilla Seoul Hotel and will be accompanied by close friends and family.

With just two months left till her marriage, Kim Bin Woo said, “It was a short time [getting to know each other] but we promised we would communicate well and live a simple and happy life.” Her agency added, “Please support and congratulate the couple’s future.”

Congratulations to the couple!

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