“Monday Couple” Song Ji Hyo and Gary Are Lovey-Dovey in Stills from Chinese Variety Show

Running Man” Monday Couple Gary and Song Ji Hyo recently appeared on a Chinese variety show together!

On August 27, this couple appeared on the Chinese show “Day Day Up.” Song Ji Hyo wore a cute yellow dress and Gary dressed in all black.

song ji hyo gary 2

During the recording, the two did all kinds of cute couple-like things like holding hands while gazing at each other for 30 seconds and creating a lovely heart with their arms.

song ji hyo gary 3

Seeing their adorable interactions, the crowd went wild and supposedly started chanting, “Start dating!”

Gary and Song Ji Hyo’s recording of “Day Day Up” is scheduled to broadcast in mid-September.

Aren’t they the cutest?

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