The Winner of “Show Me the Money 4” Announced

Spoilers ahead!

The winner of “Show Me the Money 4” has been decided!

On August 28, Mnet aired the final episode of “Show Me the Money 4.” To avoid spoilers, this episode was aired live.

For the final round between Basick and WINNER‘s Song Mino, Song Mino took the chance to decide on the order of the performance. Mino chose to go first, performing his first song “Okey Dokey” with the help of Zico. Basick, who followed, performed “I’m the Man,” featuring his producer team Verbal Jint and San E.

Song Mino also took the privilege of deciding the order of the performance during the second round. Consequently, Basick was up first, performing “Good Day” featuring the singer Gummy. Song Mino performed “Victim” and “Cheers.”

The families of Song Mino and Basick watched on as the two battled each other.

There were also special guest stages: one by the “Unpretty Rapstar 2” contestants and the second by rappers P-type, Hanhae, ONE, and Geegooin.

After both rounds of performances were over, the final winner was determined by the audience.


smtm mino basick

Ultimately, the winning trophy and the prize of 100 million won went to Basick, who won by almost double the voting money as it was shown on the screen.


Congrats to Basick!

Watch the performances from the final round below.

“Okey Dokey”

“I’m the Man”

“Good Day”

“Victim” + “Cheers”

Unpretty Rapstar 2 – “You Pretty?”

P-type, Hanhae, ONE, and Geegooin-“Next Level”

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