Taecyeon Is Full of Joy and Shoots Hearts at Park Shin Hye on “Three Meals a Day”

Ok Taecyeon is just full of happiness since Park Shin Hye is back to spend some time with the “Three Meals a Day” cast.

On the recent episode which aired on August 28, Taecyeon is downright silly and full of energy as he prepares food with Park Shin Hye, clearly showing how excited he is to have her on the show.

three meals a day

three meals a day 1

It even makes producer Na Young Suk ask Park Shin Hye, “Is Ok Taecyeon okay?”

She replies, “I think he’s fine for now. This is my third time seeing him like this,” and understands Taecyeon’s quirkiness.

three meals a day 3

Despite everyone’s attempts to calm Taecyeon down, he remains dorky and starts shooting hearts at Park Shin Hye. She plays along and shoots hearts at him, too.

Later, producer Na Young Suk tells Taecyeon, “You’re just full of energy, aren’t you? Do like 1,000 push-ups.”

three meals a day 4

Watch the hilarious clip below:

They’re so cute together!

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