Song Triplets Compete in Paper Boat Race on “Superman Returns”

On the upcoming episode of “Superman Returns,” the Song triplets will participate in a paper boat race!

Daehan, Minguk, Manse, and Song Il Gook make a boat out of cardboard boxes and basic supplies. At first, Song Il Gook thinks the boat will be easy to build. When they start building, however, he falls into a state of shock as he realizes how difficult it is. They have a total of four hours to build their boat, and the triplets turn out to be quite a distraction.

Manse starts out completely uninterested in boat building, and makes his dad even more stressed when he loses his shoes in a nearby playground.

Then, Minguk suddenly tells his dad that he needs to go to the bathroom urgently when Song Il Gook is in the middle of building the most important part of the ship. At the same time, Manse urges his dad to bring him his T-Rex toy.

Later, the triplets thankfully(?) spot their neighboring teams’ boats and leaves Song Il Gook’s side which gives him more time to build the boat.

To find out how they do in the paper boat race, watch the next episode of “Superman Returns” airing on August 30 at 4:50 p.m. KST.

Do you think they’ll win the race?

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