Yook Sungjae Is Hungry and Wants to Eat Joy’s Love

Yook Sungjae sure is a walking dictionary of cheesy lines!

On the recent episode of “We Got Married,” Yook Sungjae and Joy head to the countryside for community service and transform into farmers.

After the long, hard hours of working in the fields, the couple gets hungry and starts eyeing the peppers they were in the middle of picking. Joy offers Yook Sungjae some baby tomatoes instead, but he whines saying that he hates tomatoes.

Then Joy asks him what he wants to eat and Yook Sungjae replies, “Your love.”

His cheesy lines continue during their break time as they sit down and eat watermelon when he says, “Does my baby want some yum-yum?”

we got married

Do you think Yook Sungjae’s lines are cringeworthy or sweet?

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