Top K-Drama Moments From the 3rd Week of August

Another addictive show has made its exit, but not before leaving behind a couple of much-talked about moments. The scenes are in great company, though, courtesy of our other favorite dramas!

1. “Oh My Ghost”: This is the way to close a chapter

For two years, Sun Woo’s days felt longer as he waited patiently for his Bong Sun. One day, he was surprised to see her in front of his new restaurant. Rather than giving her a welcome home hug, he cooked her the main dish for her to taste and critique, and then, after a few rants for not receiving any calls from her for a months, Bong Sun explained how she fought the urge to phone him. If she heard his voice, then she would crack from the temptation of returning to him. Touched, Sun Woo finally gave Bong Sun that long-awaited hug and she rained him with kisses. That’s the way to make us swoon!

2. “Oh My Ghost”: Turn around, Daddy!

What are these tears in our eyes? As much as we love romance, nothing warms our hearts more than the the love of family.

Soon Ae’s father collapses upon learning that the Officer Choi he’s been treating like a son killed his daughter. How can he live? With the prodding of his daughter, that’s how! *sniff*

Soon Ae stops him as he’s walking to the light. Daddy, you can’t go! Not when you have your son Kyung Mo waiting for you. Not when there’s still so much happiness to experience in life. No, Daddy, no! *sniff* *sniff*

There really is no hurry because his beautiful daughter will be waiting for him. So, no matter how upset he is, he should turn back and be a father to his son till it’s the right time to join his daughter.

We love this moment because he’s finally able to see his daughter again, and the only way to beat Officer Choi is to live happily.

3. “Scholar Who Walks The Night”: Heart for one

Aware that his true identity has been revealed to Yang Sun, Sung Yul appears before her expecting to be rejected. Instead, he gets a warm welcome, as she is overjoyed and feels relieved that he is alive. She confesses that she knows he has spent all his time pining away for his dead lover, but she still wishes to stay with him. When she is gone, she hopes that he will also remember her. Moved, Sung Yul embraces her.

This scene is so beautiful, but it is still missing one thing—his confession. We’re waiting for the day when Yang Sun learns that she’s the only woman in his heart.

4. “Yong Pal”: Don’t touch my baby!

Everyone watching “Yong Pal” knows that Nurse Hwang is “Gone Girl” on crack. Yes, she’s 100%, certified cray-cray, and the best thing about crazy people is that they are unpredictable.

After being told to stay out of the restricted area in the evenings and witnessing Yeo Jin conscious, Nurse Hwang plants a bug in the room to keep an eye on her doll. She’s a doll so precious that she runs absolutely mad after overhearing her colleagues plot to kill her. Not on her watch! Not when the highlight of her day is brushing her comatose patient’s hair and applying lipstick to her lips. Oh hell no!

So she grabs a knife and stabs, stabs, stabs the director, screaming that they shouldn’t touch her baby. We don’t advocate murder, but we couldn’t help but cheer for her. You go, Nurse Psycho! Now, be a good woman and admit yourself into the psych ward. Thanks in advance.

5. “The Virtual Bride”: The wrong catch

Hoping to gain points with virtual hubby Myung Suk, In Young attempts to make his favorite meal. As she does so, she is freaked out by the mud fish that wriggle in her hands. Grossed out, she throws them at him. Hilarity ensues even more when one of the fish enters his pants. In Young makes a grab for the live ingredient, but in the process, she accidentally fondles his crotch while his mother ends up doing the same! Eventually, the fish escapes through his pant leg, but his embarrassment has his cheeks red and us in tears of laughter.

6. “All About My Mom”: He’s pwned!

After Hyeong Soon pretended to be his friend Jae Min on their blind date, Chae Ri has been crushing hard on him ever since, and when he continues to avoid her (as payback for another meeting in which she got him fired from his part-time job), she does what she can to get his attention and make him her boyfriend. One afternoon, she sends him a text, telling him that she’s dizzy. Hyeong Soon initially sneers at her obvious attempt to bait him, but she really might be sick … Still, he ignores her, and when she phones him, she continues to put on a show. Calling her bluff, he tells her that he has sent over an ambulance for her. Heh. She wigs out as this isn’t a part of her plan. What is she going to do?! No sooner than she gets off the phone, an ambulance approaches down the street. Did he really call for help?! As the vehicle drives on by, Chae Ri faints, but Hyeong Soon catches her. She quickly recovers from the black-out but continues to feign weakness. She gets him to give her a piggyback ride, and she enjoys the moment too much that he catches on. She gets off his back, and with a kiss, she wipes out his exasperation. Mentally, he tries to talk himself out of it, but the skinship is too much. LOL. Of course, if he just tells her that he’s not his plastic surgeon friend, but the unemployed youngest son of a family with a huge debt, then, we’re pretty sure Chae Ri would be running away from him quicker than she can say “oppa.”

That’s all for this batch of K-drama moments! Thanks for joining us, and let’s do it again next time!

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