New Couple Kim So Yeon and Kwak Shi Yang’s First Appearance Shown in “We Got Married” Preview

After couple Gong Seung Yeon and Lee Jong Hyun‘s last episode of “We Got Married” this week, viewers get a glimpse of the show’s next virtual romance!

Actress Kim So Yeon and actor Kwak Shi Yang were confirmed only a few days ago as the newest couple to join the show. Kim So Yeon, who is seven years older than her new virtual husband, has starred in dramas such as “Iris” and “Two Weeks,” as well as appeared on a female soldier special of “Real Men.” Kwak Shi Yang is a relative newcomer that has become better known recently through his role in the drama “Oh My Ghost.”

The preview for next week’s episode of “We Got Married” reveals that the new couple be starting their virtual married life together with a set period of time on their “contract,” which is new for the show. As soon as they receive the contract, they’re sent right away to their newlywed home.

Kwak Shi Yang is seen presenting Kim So Yeon with a bouquet in their new home and saying, “Please marry me.” Later on as he’s in the kitchen, he asks her informally “Do you like spicy food, honey?” which seems to just be too much for her. She then gets embarrassed as he holds her hand and speaks to her informally again as they walk down the street.

Are you looking forward to watching this new virtual romance on next Saturday’s episode of “We Got Married”?