Choi Ji Woo Talks Marriage, Cooking, and Getting Older

In a candid interview with KBS‘ “Entertainment Weekly,” actress Choi Ji Woo opens up about marriage, cooking and getting older.

During the “OX” quiz, Choi Ji Woo answers with an “O” (yes) to the question of whether she would like to date. “Of course,” she says, and then responds with a yes again to the follow-up statement “Whoever marries me is a lucky man.”

Choi Ji Woo2

When asked whether she thinks so because of her fortune, she replies, “A little bit,” laughing.

Choi Ji Woo5

With regards to cooking, Choi Ji Woo goes on to deny that her skills are up to the level that they are made out to be by the media.

“I’m really not good,” she says. She has difficulty naming which dishes she is best at, so reporter Yoon Tae Jin asks, “How about kimchi jjigae, dweon jang jjigae, and mi yeok guk?”

Choi Ji Woo4

Choi Ji Woo says, “Those are all a given.” But she adds, “I will say that when I cook once, I don’t really fail. Is this a bit of self promotion?”

Finally, when asked about how confident she is in her bare face, she candidly responds, “When I was younger, in my twenties, I was confident. But now, if you look at me cursorily I’m fine, but if you look closely I have a lot of wrinkles. There’s a difference between when you look from far away and up close.”

Choi Ji Woo3

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