Jung Joon Ha Talks About So Ji Sub’s Love for Hip Hop

On the August 29 broadcast of KBS2 variety show “Entertainment Weekly,” gagman and TV personality Jung Joon Ha features as the star for the show’s guerrilla date corner.

During the interview following the guerrilla date, Jung Joon Ha showcases the rapping skills he’s developed thanks to his recent interest in hip hop.

Reporter Kim Saeng Min comments, “You must have gotten hardcore training with Yoon Sang,” referring to the other half of his team during the “Infinity Challengemusic festival.

To the question of whether he’s just copying his close friend actor and hip hop aficionado So Ji Sub, Jung Joon Ha replies, “So Ji Sub is someone who truly likes hip hop and is crazy about hip hop,” and “I like hip hop, but hip hop people don’t like me rapping.”

If you haven’t already, check out So Ji Sub’s recent music video release here.

What do you think about So Ji Sub’s love for hip hop?

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