Polaris to Release Two Songs to Memorialize 1 Year Since Death of Ladies’ Code EunB and RiSe

According to an exclusive report by Star News, Polaris Entertainment will be releasing two songs in memory of the late Ladies’ Code members EunB and RiSe.

This coming September 3 and September 7 mark one year since the tragic passing of EunB and RiSe, respectively. On each of these days, a song will be released as a tribute to the members.

A music industry insider is said to have revealed on August 30 that a new version of Ladies’ Code’s “I’m Fine Thank You,” featuring Polaris Entertainment artists Kim Bum Soo, Ivy, Yang Dong Geun, Han Hee Jun, Rumble Fish, and Sun Woo is set for release on September 3.

On September 7, “Smile Even If It Hurts” sung by the surviving members of Ladies’ Code—Ashley, Sojung, and Zuny—will officially be revealed through music sites as well, following their live performance of the song during the memorial concert in Japan this past August 22.

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