Song Ji Hyo Ferociously Hugs Gary, Monday Couple Gets Into a Cute Physical Tussle

The Monday couple was the subject of envy as they openly hugged each other.

On the episode of SBS’s “Running Man” that aired on August 30, Kim Su Ro, Kim Min Gyo, Park Gun Hyung, Kang Sung Jin, and Nam Bo Ra appear as guests for a real taxi race.

During the race to determine team mates, Song Ji Hyo and Nam Bo Ra are up for a cat fight. When Song Ji Hyo tells Gary, “Come over to me,” Nam Bo Ra, too, says, “Please come to me.” Gary is left in a happy internal conflict regarding the love triangle. One moment he is holding Song Ji Hyo’s hand in joy, then another moment he is acting as if he is going to ride Nam Bo Ra’s taxi.

However, when the moment of truth comes during the main mission, in which the teams are not allowed to use their hands and are instead wearing velcro clothing that they can use to carry the ball, Song Ji Hyo pretty much throws herself at Gary to “steal the ball.” Gary claims the ball by sticking it onto the front of his velcro vest, and Song Ji Hyo immediately starts hugging Gary, who, with a big smile on his face, hugs her back. The rest of the crew scold the two, saying, “What are you guys doing?”


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