Yeeun Opens Up About Wonder Girls’ U.S. Venture and More in Pictorial With The Star

Member Yeeun of girl group Wonder Girls is featured in a new interview and pictorial with star and style magazine The Star.

During the interview, Yeeun opened up about Wonder Girls’ recent comeback album after a long hiatus, her songwriting process, Wonder Girls’ venture into America, and more.

Yeeun shares that despite it being almost ten years since their debut, Wonder Girl’s latest album “Reboot” is an important one to them, “It’s the album that we prepared for the longest. [‘Reboot’] feels like a milestone,” she says. “The albums we are proud of start from 2011. It’s from ‘Be My Baby,’ and that’s when our fans also said that our songs are good. That was when I started officially developing my songwriting. The fact that all the songs in this album are self-compositions [by the members] makes it more meaningful.”


“[My focus] is making it mainstream. I tried to make an album that recreates the music from the eighties to the nineties in a way that people will [enjoy] listening to it,” she says with regards to her process when songwriting for Wonder Girls. “I use a lot of English in my lyrics. I think because the music I like is from America, the melodies I like often also go better with English lyrics. So I end up having to change English lyrics into Korean a lot.”

With regards to Wonder Girls’ venture in the U.S. market, Yeeun doesn’t necessarily think it was a failure. “Many people say that [the Wonder Girls failed], so maybe we did. But we are pleased [with our time in the United States] because we see it as having made a step forward [for K-Pop].”

She continues, “As we made our rounds from the United States to over fifty other countries, we raised awareness about Korea, like continually throwing stones at a wall such that it finally collapses. Now, lots of Korean artists go into the American market. I feel like we sort of paved that road for them.”


What are your thoughts on Wonder Girls’ U.S. venture?

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