Red Velvet’s Wendy Revealed to Have Been Top of Her Class in Middle School

Girl group Red Velvet‘s Wendy has proved herself to have smarts as well as talent!

During an interview on the August 30 broadcast of MBC‘s entertainment news program “Section TV Entertainment Relay,” Wendy says, “I have gotten an award from President Obama.”

wendy 2

“Section TV” then shows the award that she got in eighth grade for Outstanding Academic Excellence with Barack Obama’s signature on it, as part of the “President’s Education Awards Program.” It is explained that she received the award when she was studying in the United States. As well, it is revealed that Wendy received another award that was only given to one person in her graduating class in her middle school.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet is enjoying huge popularity after their comeback as a five-member group earlier in 2015.

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