Hong Jin Young Discusses Her Killer Schedule

Popular trot singer Hong Jin Young talked about her busy schedule.

On the August 30 broadcast of SBS‘s “Have You Eaten?” Hong Jin Young appeared as a guest and shared a number of stories about herself.

Hong Jin Young was excited to guest on the show, saying that it would be a relaxing overnight trip. She says, “Honestly, even when I go to events and performances, there is no time for me to enjoy myself like this. We always park the car right next to the event stage, perform, and come back.”

She then adds, “It’s event performance season all 365 days a year. On really busy days, I go to six to seven events in a single day. So there is no time for me to travel.”

To this, Kim Gyu Ri, the special MC, says, “I guess you have to sleep away from home a lot because you have so many events.” However, Hong Jin Young says, “On the contrary, I don’t sleep away from home a lot.”

She adds, “Even if I have a schedule in Busan today and another one there tomorrow, I still go back to Seoul in between. Recently, there were six schedules in Ulsan over two days and those are the times when I would have to sleep away from home.”

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