Hong Jong Hyun Steps Down as MC of SBS’ “Inkigayo”

Actor Hong Jong Hyun is stepping down from his MC position on SBS‘ weekly music show “Inkigayo.”

During the August 30 broadcast of “Inkigayo,” Hong Jong Hyun announced his departure.

He shares, “It’s a shame to call this the end. It was a good experience. I will eagerly support ‘Inkigayo’ now as a viewer.”

Hong Jong Hyun joined “Inkigayo” as an MC in December and is leaving after six months on the show.

Hong Jong Hyun’s management agency WIDMAY Entertainment commented that Hong Jong Hyun is currently looking over potential next projects that he has been casted for.

Did you enjoy Hong Jong Hyun’s stint on “Inkigayo”? What kind of project would you like to see him take on next?

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