Chu Sarang Says She Doesn’t Want a Younger Sibling on “Superman Returns”

On August 30’s episode of “Superman Returns,” Chu Sarang begins her month-long vacation in Korea with her dad Chu Sung Hoon.

The duo go shopping for things for their rental apartment, and have a fun cooking experience together. They also get to visit the twins Seo Eon and Seo Jun. On their way to the twins’ home, Chu Sung Hoon reminds Chu Sarang that she met the twins when all the families went on a vacation together on Jeju Island.

He then asks her, “Do you want a younger sibling like Seo Eon and Seo Jun?”

Chu Sarang replies that her mom said she wanted to have a baby. Her mom, Yano Shiho, has mentioned on the show that she wants to have a second child. “What about you,” asks Chu Sung Hoon. “Do you want a sibling?”

“I don’t want one,” answers Chu Sarang.


“Ah, you’re like me then,” remarks Chu Sung Hoon with a satisfied smile.

chu sung hoon chu sarang

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