“Sunflower” Singer’s Identity Revealed on “King of Mask Singer”

*Spoiler alert!

There were plenty of great reveals on this week’s episode of “King of Mask Singer,” including the unmasking of the powerful female singer who performs under the alias Devoted Sunflower.

In August 30’s episode, she goes up against Legendary Guitar Man in the second round, who is later revealed to be EXO’s Chen. She performs the song “I’ll Give You All the Love I Have Left” by Jang Hye Ri, and once again blows everyone away with her powerful and gorgeous voice. Even her opponent Chen is shown dancing backstage with two thumbs up as she sings.

She puts in such an energetic performance that one of the panel members is convinced she must be a lover of rock music. Kim Gu Ra admits that when he was backstage, he saw her face through the mesh in her mask. But he says that although she was very young-looking and pretty, he has no idea who she is.

The panel members start throwing out names of possible girl group members that she might be, which include Red Velvet‘s Wendy, or a member of MAMAMOO or SPICA. A few agree that she seems to fit with MAMAMOO’s more “wild” and exciting image.

Sunflower ends up losing to Guitar Man in this round with 28 votes to his 71. She then takes off her mask to reveal that she’s MAMAMOO’s Solar!

mamamoo solar

After she takes off her mask, she says that she came on the show to try to change some of the prejudices about MAMAMOO that some people have. She says that as Kim Gu Ra previously mentioned, a lot of people think MAMAMOO is older than other girl groups. She adds that a lot of people think that they’re “wild,” as the judges had said before. “But I think we’re cute and lovely in our own way,” she says.
mamamoo solar 2

Solar also thanks B1A4‘s Sandeul for mentioning their group a lot on the show, and “King of Mask Singer” then shows a collection of clips of Sandeul guessing that previous female contestants were members of MAMAMOO.

“It’s too bad that I lost,” she says as her final comment on stage, “but I had a great time!”

Did you know Solar was behind the Devoted Sunflower mask?

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