Park Hyung Sik May Join “Three Meals a Day” Fishing Village Special 2

Actor and ZE:A member Park Hyung Sik may be joining the second season of tvN‘s “Three Meals a Day” fishing village special.

Osen reported on August 31 that Park Hyung Sik is scheduled to travel to Manjae Island with actors Cha Seung Won and Yoo Hae Jin, who were the stars of the first season of the popular spin-off. They are scheduled to depart for the island in early September.

The first season of the spin-off aired from January and March of this year. The fifth episode of the program, which aired on February 20, had the channel’s highest rating to date, at 14.2%.

Actor Son Ho Joon, who joined the show as a regular in the first season of the fishing village special, was previously rumored to be coming back for the second season. However, it is being reported that he had turn it down due to a conflict in scheduling.

The second season of “Three Meals a Day” fishing village special is scheduled to premiere in October.

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