Seo Taiji and Boys’ Lee Juno Accused of Fraud

Lee Juno, member of the 90s hit boy band “Seo Taiji and Boys,” is in a lot of trouble for taking advantage of his popularity.

The Seocho Police Department said they have forward their suggestion to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office that Lee Juno be indicted without detention for failing to pay his acquaintance “A” back 100 million won (approximately 84,500 USD). Though the two used to be business partners, their relationship has been on the edge since “A” filed a complaint to the police in April, accusing Lee Juno of fraud.

According to the police, Lee Juno started borrowing money from “A” late 2013, appealing his credibility by stating his celebrity status. Though he promised A, “If you lend me money, I’ll pay you back in a week,” he has failed to do so for the past year and a half.

“After ‘A’ and Lee Juno were summoned for questioning in May and June, we have forwarded our recommendation for Lee Juno to be indicted without detention,” stated the police department.

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