Updated: BIGSTAR Reveals Teasers for “Shine a Moonlight” Comeback

Update September 2 KST:

BIGSTAR has revealed Raehwan’s individual teaser images!

BIGSTAR Raehwan Teaser

BIGSTAR has released a teaser video for their upcoming comeback!

bigstar shine a moonlight

bigstar shine a moonlight

BIGSTAR uploaded a short clip from their music video for the third mini album, “Shine a Moonlight,” to their variously related social media sites. The caption included the hashtags #BIGSTAR (in Korean), #MoonlightSonata, #150904, #BIGSTAR (in English), #shineamoonlight, and the song #nextweek. The teaser gives you a small preview of what fans can look forward to.

. #빅스타 #달빛소나타 #150904 #bigstar #shineamoonlight #nextweek

A video posted by BIGSTAR (@bravebigstar) on

bigstar shine a moonlight

Along with the teaser, older photos from the members’ social media sites are drawing attention, as they give some “washboard” hints as to what more K-pop listeners can expect from the group for their comeback.

Feeldog, Sunghak, and Raehwan uploaded ab selfies that showed off their own personal fit bodies, as well as their fellow members.





bigstar raehwan


Meanwhile, BIGSTAR will be making a comeback on September 4 at noon with their third mini album, “Shine a Moonlight.”

What do you think about BIGSTAR’s impressive bodies?

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