“Honey Voice” Drill Sergeant Returns to “Real Men” Female Soldier Special

The ever so popular drill sergeant with the smooth “honey voice” is returning to MBC’s “Real MenFemale Soldier Special 3.

PD Choi Min Geun of the “Real Mean” comments, “I didn’t recruit the ‘Honey Voice’ drill sergeant on purpose. It just happens he was transferred to the army training center this year. He’ll get to meet the new female soldier members naturally.”

PD Choi Min Geum points out Jessi and Shin So Yul as the ones to watch on next episode airing on September 6. He also adds, “Jessi faces a huge culture shock since she’s from the United States. You’ll see her adjusting to the army culture real fast.”

Commenting about Shin So Yul, “She has such a bright and positive personality even from the very beginning of the production meeting of the show. She also faces turning points as she experiences life in the controlled area.”

“Real Men” Female Soldier Special came in at 17.1 percent according to the AGB Nielsen Media Research ranking number one among its competitors airing at the same time slot. The third episode will air on September 6.

honey voice sergeant

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