Jo Jung Suk Responds to His Ears Turning Red in Kiss Scene With “Oh My Ghost” Co-Star Park Bo Young

In a recent interview, Jo Jung Suk reflected on his most recent project, tvN drama “Oh My Ghost,” which recently aired its final episode.

“I still don’t believe it. It was only after receiving [Park] Bo Young‘s message [that it’s over] that I thought and realized, ‘Wow, it really has ended.’ I’m still in the process of accepting that it’s over,” Jo Jung Suk shares. “All the actors felt like that. We were so happy that we felt it a shame that [the drama] ended.”

The actor also talks about the success of the drama, which recorded impressive viewership ratings, “When we surpassed two percent with our first episode, people thought it was a big deal. Everyone had been predicting one percent. I expected two percent (Laughs). I think what I’m most happy about, though, is that the project I selected became such a good project that I could share it with everyone.”

Jo Jung Suk also responds to comments by viewers on his ears turning red during the final kiss scene with Park Bo Young. When asked about the kiss scene, he expresses his desire to clear up any potential misunderstanding. “Ah, that’s something I really need to address. People keep saying that in that kiss scene my ears turned red. It wasn’t because I was embarrassed or shy that my ears turned red (Laughs). I didn’t even know they turned red,” Jo Jung Suk says. “After hearing that I looked at other scenes, and in other scenes my ears turn red too. There is a misunderstanding here.”

What are your thoughts on the final kiss scene? Did you enjoy Jo Jung Suk and Park Bo Young’s chemistry in “Oh My Ghost”?

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