Song Triplets Come Up With Cute and Hilarious Descriptions of Superman on “Superman Returns”

On this week’s episode of “Superman Returns,” Song Il Gook takes his beloved triplets to a very unique restaurant where guests pick their own vegetables to use in their meals.

While Daehan, Minguk, and Manse are eating their bibimbap with the lettuce they picked themselves, Minguk suddenly asks, “Dad, what does Superman look like?”

superman returns

His elder brother Daehan chimes in, “He has legs and hands! And no wings!”

superman returns 2

Song Il Gook asks him what else he knows about Superman, and Daehan answers, “Superman doesn’t have any eyes!”

superman returns 3

“Superman has no eyes? He can’t see then!” says Song Il Gook. “Does he have long or short hair?”

“It’s not long!” replies Daehan. Song Il Gook says with a smile, “Then it seems like Superman is me!”

superman returns 5

Daehan says that’s right, and so Song Il Gook gives him a kiss.

superman returns 4

But then just as Song Il Gook is enjoying this sweet moment, Manse interrupts from across the table to say very seriously, “No! Superman is a man at the supermarket!” In Korean, a supermarket or grocery store is often simply called a “super.”

superman returns 7

Both Song Il Gook and this week’s narrator, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, burst out laughing at Manse’s explanation.

superman returns 6

Be sure to watch August 30’s episode of “Superman Returns” for more!

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