BESTie’s Haeryung Cast as Female Lead in New Web Drama

Girl group BESTie‘s Haeryung was cast as the female lead in the new web drama “9 Seconds.”

According to BESTie’s management company YNB Entertainment on September 1, “Haeryung was cast as the female lead in ‘9 seconds,’ which is a web drama with ‘Silk Road Kyungju 2015’ and the city of Kyungju as the backdrop.”

In “9 Seconds,” the male and female leads meet by chance at a photo studio, and come across a camera that stops time. With this, they develop love with each other. Haeryung will be acting alongside actor Lee Joo Seung, as well as Japanese actress Fujii Mina.

The production company explained, “We thought Haeryung’s clean and innocent image was the best fit for the female lead of ‘9 Seconds.'”

Meanwhile, the production presentation of “9 Seconds” will take place on September 4, and it will air at the end of September.

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