KARA’s Seungyeon Tears Up at First Experience in Korean High School

KARA’s Seungyeon reminded viewers of how special high school memories can be.

On the first day of filming for JTBC’s “Off to School,” held at Seoincheon High School, Seungyeon found herself in tears.

Seungyeon, known for her brilliance, continued her studies even as a celebrity and now knows four different languages. Thus, the staff was anticipating the synergy effect she would bring to the show.

Due to the fact that she didn’t attend high school in Korea, Seungyeon is excited for her new school life from the start. Once she passes the front gate, she tears up as the realization that she is now a student passes through her.

During English class, her active participation and impressive performance is enough to receive praise from both the teacher and students. During break time, she becomes the big sister of her friends and treats them to a snack at the school store.

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Seungyeon passionately attends school, as if she is trying to make up for the teenage years she missed. However, she ends up in tears while being interviewed as she recounts her day at school.

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