John Park and Yeeun Are Upcoming Guests for “Running Man”

John Park and Wonder GirlsYeeun will be appearing as guests on “Running Man.”

According to a media insider, “John Park and Yeeun are currently filming ‘Running Man’ at Incheon.”

Pictures and sightings of the two celebrities are already spreading across SNS. John Park has already proven himself a humorous character through “Enemy of Broadcasting” and “Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education,” while Yeeun possesses the know-hows of a veteran celebrity. Fans are anticipating the synergy effect when the two meet.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls have made a comeback in three years with “I FEEL YOU,” and their music chart scores prove they are still the queens of the field. John Park recently performed a duet stage with AOA’s Jimin for JTBC’s “TWO Yoo Project” on August 26.

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